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If you like things a little bit more sophisticated visit Playboy Plus. Everyone remembers who Playboy is even your great uncle what-sis-name with the Alzheimer’s right? The fact is that Playboy was probably most young boys or girls first experience of porn back in the day.

You cannot keep a good idea down however, as Playboy Plus drags us into the new millennium hotter and more sassier than ever. They have maintained their high standards and they are still not hardcore, yet they continue to hit the top ten in adult entertainment year after year. What is the magic formula? How do they do it in today’s competitive world?

Playboy never veered from its basic premise and that is tease the guys with hottest women they will ever lay their eyes on, and guess what? It worked! It still works today as these svelte gorgeous specimens flaunts their bits for you to drool over. It done with class, style and integrity. Even celebrities queue up to pose here and for many beautiful celebs Playboy has become a place of reaffirming themselves over a certain age. So, you will get a mix of young new talent and mature over the top sexy celebrities you have been dying to strip naked. There is no penetration, toys or nasty bits it’s all about seduction allure and perfect beauty. Don’t get me wrong you certainly will drop your pants half way through!

Coco Austin, Kim Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy, you get to see them strut their stuff at Playboy Plus, look further in the archives and you will be amazed to see which famous movie stars bared all for the classy first time pornographic magazine. Aside from that though you have all the latest hottest talent on board like Gizelle and other hot names.

You get unlimited download and streaming, exclusive playboy beauties, 100,000+ pictures and videos and the sexiest women on the planet all for your viewing pleasure. Playboy keeps on weaving its magic decade after decade and like moth’s to a flame we are drawn to it. Playboy Plus remains a perfect 10!