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If you have been around porn for a while you kind of get that stale feeling, the ‘been there and done that kind’ of vibe. Thank goodness for sites like Burning Angel. Both the content and the hot women here are far from the regular standard cut-outs that most sites offer.

If you are familiar with the ‘Suicide Girls’ you might get to understand what I mean. These are Emo chicks at their best. Or, if you prefer chicks a little of-the-wall. Tattooed, hot and spunky they enjoy sex for sex sake as opposed to being filmed for a horny regular audience. Giving all the ‘Oh’s!’ and ‘Ah’s!’ in order to be paid for a days work.

On Burning Angel, the girls are a little dark and slightly scary but in a nice way. If you understand the genre you will know what I mean. If you don’t you will soon to get to know. There is a lot of girl on girl action along with male to female so this site all round will appeal to both sexes. Women make a strong appearance in the forums and discussions which form a great part of the overall content.

The Burning Angel site itself was the brainchild of Joanna Angel who obviously has seen a gap in the market. Tired of the regular dish up of male focused porn she has created a home from home for men and women to enjoy together. As mentioned earlier you will definitely not see huge blond bimbos here unless it is intermixed with a bit of parody. The content is erotic, sensual and dirty. This of course is always a winning mix. Titles such as Punk Porn, Alt Girls, Punk School Girls will give you an idea of the type of ‘edge’ the site is trying to capture. It is often better to mix men and women as viewers especially when you are looking to help them hook up.

Navigation is easy with the headings up the top. These include Girls, Videos, the very popular Forum, Events, Chat and Words, which gives you the chance to ‘sext’ any other willing members. Sext means sex text by the way. This is handy for meet-ups and getting to know other fellow horny porn appreciators. You can either download or stream the videos, it is up to you and the quality is excellent. I really hope Burning Angel gets all the support it deserves and I have a hunch it will.