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At Nuru Massage you can imagine being pampered by two amazing women. They make their bodies and your body as slippery as they can with their special seaweed oil, then proceed to slide all over you. Using their bodies as tools of pleasure they press their skin along your muscles and sensitive bits in order to please you and tease you.

Then things start to heat up during your Nuru Massage and the pace gets a little faster. Now they are sliding over your body in order to excite themselves. They start kiss and licking each other not forgetting you underneath them. You can feel their juices mixing in with this slippery oil and you can smell the musky scent of their arousal.

Next thing you know one has your cock encased in their moist hot mouth sucking hungrily. The other is licking your balls and the three of you are in a trance of sexual excitement.

This is what Nuru Massage is all about. It is about the mind blowing hotness of being pleasured and pampered by women who love what they do. Rubbing their horny asses along your butt cheeks to elicit feeling you have never felt before. Women who want to suck and fuck you and send you a little crazy while also sending you to heaven.

This is a new concept, although of course, the massage itself is far from new. This is the type of place you wish existed when you get all frustrated with daily life and want to get relief from tension. These places do exist, but perhaps you haven’t found your special Nu Massage outlet or maybe it is too far away, like in another country. Here, you will get relief and you will feel every tactile sensation the dude in the scene is feeling, plus hear it.

The content is very well shot, mostly in POV style to increase your enjoyment and pleasure, but is is also artistic and dirty. You will hear every suck of the cock, every sigh and moan of pleasure. There are plenty of download options offering various formats and resolutions. Plus, there is handy streaming too. Great content, great subject matter and fantastically hot women. Nuru Massage is highly recommended for class, content and imagination.